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     Dr. Sean Klinck received his B.S. in Exercise Science and began his working career as a personal trainer. While employed there he obtained a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification. During his time there he began to take more of an interest in how exercise can have 

an impact on people with chronic conditions as well as the number of people that look to avoid movements related to pain and discomfort.

     After several years, he returned to school at the University at Buffalo's Physical Therapy program. During his formal education, neurological and orthopedic rehab became a focus.

     Upon graduating, he secured a position in a skilled nursing facility. During the time at this type of facility, it was apparent there was a short-coming in the form of successful aging and maintaining resilience. He began

training with the Institute of Clinical Excellence in their 

 Modern Management of the Older Adult (Cert-MMOA) courses in order to develop increased knowledge in optimizing one's health through the aging process and maximize ability to recover after injury or medical event. This course work showed me how to blend fitness and rehab to become a fitness forward clinician. This entails prescribing exercises that truly challenge a patient’s physical capacity while also addressing their injury or condition that may arise during the aging process. This methodology also focuses on a holistic approach by including an understanding of nutritional and sleep habits that may be affecting recovery and ways to optimize them.

     After 8 years in the field, he has decided to open a practice to run in a manner that best suits the client. I provide 1-on-1, hour long treatments and help people not only improve their initial concerns, but to assist them in improving all aspects of their well-being in order for them to live their best life. 

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